Bottom Dweller

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The Bottom Dweller is our custom hybrid jig designed after our favourite bait fish….. the Rosy Threadfin Bream.

With its curved wide base and high tow point, the BD free falls eyes up and sits on the sea floor up right. We believe this helps the triple snelled hooks from getting caught up on any structure.

Our assist hooks are made by BKK, tied with Japanese Kevlar, quality Japanese terminals and colour matched squid skirts.

The BD comes in three sizes:

- 150gm

- 250gm

- 350gm

and six different colours:

- Yellow/ Aqua belly

- Orange/ Yellow belly 

- White/ Pink belly

- Blue / Pink belly

- Pink / Yellow belly

- Purple/Yellow belly

All with custom silver scales, and ULTRA bright lumo paint to match the colour of the BD head.