My name is Phil Brown and I am the Owner/Operator of Neap Tackle established in 2016. 

I am WA born and bred, and was lucky enough to move to the Pilbara Region 7 years ago.  In this time I have lived in Paraburdoo and Karratha before purchasing a house in Dampier 3 years ago with my wife.  I love everything about the Pilbara Region – the towns, the locals, the community, it’s weather, and of course it’s activities including camping, going to the beach and last but not least the fishing!

I love everything about fishing and have done so since a rod was put in my hand whilst on a fishing trip with my dad and grandfather at the ripe old age of 3.  Fishing to me is not only a hobby but a passion that grows stronger each year!  I have enjoyed many types of fishing including fly fishing, bottom bouncing, GT Popping, casting stickbaits, squidding, beach fishing but my favourite style of fishing would have to be jigging. 

My beautiful back yard, the Dampier Islands, allows me to explore my passion when the tides are right, the wind is cooperating and the wife allows it!  My favourite fishing destination by far would have to be Coral Bay.  I love nothing more than taking out the Bush Chook (that would be my boat), and heading out into that big vast beautiful ocean.

Over the years, you can only imagine what I have spent on fishing equipment!  I got to a point this year following a large amount of research, to source my own products that I trust and can use not only for myself but sell at a reasonable price to keen fisherman and fisherwomen locally and across Australia.  I stand behind my product and believe I offer competitive prices and will continue to do so as my business expands.

My products are not only limited to jigs and fishing equipment - Living in the Pilbara Region highlights the importance of being sun smart.  Unfortunately, I have had some close family members affected by skin cancer and this encouraged me to explore what products were out there to protect myself, my family and my customers.  I wanted clothing that provides protection from the sun and weather conditions with the latest technological advances whilst looking great and being affordable.  From this research, I have been able to launch a range of fishing shirts, buffs and hats that meet these requirements and I am excited to have these available.